Are you being spied on?

We are so busy in our day-to-day activities that we seldom think about our privacy and safety. Our busy jobs and lifestyle are so engrossing that we are not vigilant enough of our surroundings. This makes us susceptible to dangers. Most of the dangers be it stalking, theft, spying, identity theft, online fraud etc. occurs when we least expect it. The only time we realise that something about our privacy and security is wrong, is when the damage is already done or if suspicion is too strong. “Are you being spied on?” is a question I would ask people, so that they can perceive the methods of spying and how they can stop it.

There are many spy devices and mini spy gadgets, hidden among things we least suspect, making them unnoticeable and virtually undetectable. I am going to show you some of the products currently available in the market, some of which are also scandalously infamous. The purpose of me writing this post is to make people aware of the dangers surrounding us, so that everyone is vigilant and can raise a suspicious eye when they come across such spy devices.

I will start with the first gadget which has recently been in the news and a few times in the past.


Hook Camera Or Hanger Camera

are you being spied - hanger camera or hook cameraAs the name suggests this camera is disguised as a hanger or a hook. There is a very small opening in it, within which the hidden camera is placed. The hook camera can be placed in any bedroom without anyone suspecting it. Hanger hidden camera found its way to places like changing rooms located in many clothing stores. The workers as well as the shoppers paid no attention as having hooks or hangers inside the changing room is common everywhere.

It has advance features like motion detection which will activate the camera when anyone walks in the room and stores the recorded video in a memory card, which is hidden behind it.

Inspect the changing room when you are out shopping in a clothing store.

Plug Spy Camera Or Wall Charger Spy Camera

are you being spied - wall charger hidden cameraWhat comes to your mind when you see a charger plugged into a wall socket ? Not much right, but there are wall chargers and plugs which looks exactly like a regular mobile charger but has a built-in hidden spy camera. Both the camera and charging unit operates simultaneously and use the same power source. This device like the previous one has motion detection and memory card socket. There are no visible holes in this spy camera which makes it more concealed.


Shower Head Camera

are you being spied - shower head cameraI don’t have to introduce you to this particular type of hidden spy camera. The shower head hidden spy camera has been used many times to intrude others privacy. The camera sits conveniently behind one of many water outlet holes and without close observation this camera is difficult to locate.

There was a famous case involving this shower head camera, which was brought to light by a girl aged 23, when she was taking shower inside her Travelodge hotel room when she noticed the camera. She traced it back to a maintenance panel and the hotel staff first responded that the camera was there for maintenance purposes.

There are many such cases out there and a very recent one involving a pin hole camera hidden inside a tanning machine.

So, the next time you go to a hotel room, make sure to check the shower and surroundings.


Smoke Detector Hidden Spy Camera

are you being spied - smoke detector hidden cameraA safety device equipped with a hidden camera. Who could have thought that there is a hidden spy camera, installed inside a smoke detector? This spy device has been on the market for quite a while now, but it’s not in the news as much as the above devices and that’s probably because no one will suspect a smoke detector. Also, it cannot be inspected like the others because of its position.

These reasons will probably make the Smoke detector camera as the most successful hidden spy camera, ever.



Are you being spied on?

The list of such spy devices will never end and the above spy cameras were only, one of many types of methods used to intrude and invade privacy. Please use this information to protect yours and your loved ones privacy and security. 

I have published a page in How To’s Section which might help you find hidden cameras. You can click here to read it.

Please share the knowledge and help others defend their Privacy.

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There are various spy cameras and spy devices which are used every day to spy on you. Know if you are being spied on and stop the stalkers and intruders.
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  1. Wow! I am so glad I ran into this article! I stay in a lot of hotels and sometimes wonder who is watching. This article about hidden wireless spy gadgets helped educate me about what to look for! A locally owned store here was once caught with cameras in changing rooms! It happens more than you might think. Where do people get these?

    • Hey Scott,

      Be vigilant whenever you are staying in a hotel. I know, and also these activities are increasing everyday. Getting these devices is not a big deal, we can get them online, but how we use them is the main concern.

      I am glad you liked the article.

      Take care.

  2. Hey thank you for this article and review for spy cameras. I really like your review. Your review is informative and enjoyable to read. I don’t know many thing about spy cameras. Can you recommend some for me so that I can caufht the one who keeps on unpluggig my charger.

    • Hi John,

      Thank you. Glad you liked the review. There are many security cameras and I would recommend you buy an IP camera. The one I reviewed is an IP camera. You can choose that cam or any other brand if you like.


  3. Hello,
    I just took one look at your webpage and I can’t stop thinking about how cool wireless spy gadgets are, mainly because I’m rather into James Bond movies which naturally sparked that interest within a split second. I particularly liked the article called “How to find a hidden camera” where you mention the toilet paper roll technique and use of certain APPs to help with the locating cameras. Reckon you could upload a picture of the completed setup by any chance at all? Also which APPs do you personally recommend? What are your thoughts on the different ones out there? Are they any good? Sorry about the long list of questions, I’m just very much into these nifty devices.

    Awesome work man! Please keep up the good work!
    Kind Regards,

    • Hey Kaz,

      Thanks for the kind words. I will try my best to write a comprehensive post on using paper roll technique, stay tuned. I personally don’t recommend any apps as I don’t trust the way they work and are misleading sometimes. I know of one app with some good reviews called “hidden camera detector”, you can give that a try.

      Thanks once again, have a nice day.


  4. Hi there!

    Awesome article on spy gadgets. Very informative and useful. Definitely sheds a light to those who are unaware of things like this. I agree, it’s a good technology but unfortunately being used in a bad way.


    • Thanks Thomas,
      As you said, it’s an amazing piece of technology which can be used in beneficial ways but people are using it in a negative way. It’s good to know how to use it and nessasary to know how to stop it.

  5. Interesting site. I never would have thought about it in the way that you have presented it. You did a good job describing what to look for and how to find it.People really do not understand how easy it is to have someone invade your privacy.I personally do not like the idea of all that at all.

  6. I didn’t knew about such a creepy gadgets.Well,thanks for sharing this article.It will help me to prevent others eyes off me when I will shop into the clothing shops and staying in hotels while traveling.

    But for me,if it comes to choose,I think I will choose the Hanger Camera which might spy on nannies. :)

    Again,thanks for info.

    • Thanks for finding my article informative. Yeah, for a nanny cam its a good option but I would suggest another spy cam which comes built-in in a bunny or a soft toy. Give that a look.

      Thanks once again, Take care.

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