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The gadgets we use today to control our privacy are not just limited to wireless spy cameras, home security cameras, hidden cameras, etc. We go out and connect to the world one more way, that is the world-wide web. We go online, meet people, share our personal information, we bank online, shop online, and various other things, without the knowledge of who is on the other side or who is watching. This pose a new danger. The technology in spyware and software have developed so immensely that our privacy and security can be compromised right now. Yes, that’s correct, right now while you are using your laptop or desktop or smartphones, hackers can track where you are, what you are doing and many other perilous things.



Now the obvious question here is, how to hide online identity and secure ourselves. In my opinion the question now should be, how to hide online identity ? Fortunately, we have a solution. I will introduce you to an amazing technology we use today called a VPN or a Virtual Private Network. I will show you the benefits of using a VPN which not only hides your online identity and location, encrypt the connection and protects privacy, but also offer numerous advantages. I personally use a proven VPN service called IPVanish. I have used few other VPN services but IPVanish is the fastest, most secure, and one of the most affordable VPN service on the market. 




hide online identity NO VPN

Without a VPN, when you connect to the Internet, the connection is not private, secure & encrypted. Hackers or government agencies can intercept this connection, and your sensitive data might be compromised.



hide online identity VPN

With a VPN, when you connect to the internet, the connection is encrypted and secure from hackers and other eavesdroppers who tries to intercept your connection.

Now its clear that using a VPN will provide security and protection to your internet connection. Apart from this, I will list other benefits and advantages offered by my recommended and personally used VPN service, IPVanish.





Access Content From Anywhere

Want to access Netflix, Hulu, BBC Player, blocked websites and video content in your country, IPVanish VPN is the answer.


100% Online Security

With the power of VPN you can hide your IP address, location and identity from hackers and spies. Total Anonymity.


Super-Fast Connections

With IPVanish, browse the internet with super fast internet connection and access to over 450 servers with 40,000+ IPs.



Hide Your Privacy , Sign Up For IPVanish Today !

IPVanish VPN review


What Devices Are Supported By IPVanish ?










7-Day Money Back Guarantee !


IPVanish VPN money back

You can get 7-Day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the VPN service. It’s a great offer to make sure that a VPN service can fight for your privacy and if IPVanish is as good as I say it is. If you are satisfied, which I am sure you will, you can keep the monthly subscription or upgrade to a Yearly or 3-Months package.





PERSONAL NOTE : I’ve been using VPN service since last couple of years. After using a few different services, I settled for IPVanish. It was my answer on how to hide online identity. Few of the other main reasons were that, It offered me a server based in the country of my choice. Second reason was that, compared to other VPN software I’ve used, this was the most responsive and quick. Lastly, this VPN service offered me the most affordable rates out there. I personally recommend IPVanish.

So, don’t hesitate to secure your privacy. It’s in your hands !! Go ahead and sign up.


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  1. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I’ve become more aware of online security and my personal data being so hackable and accessible to people and it’s definitely something I’m really not happy about. This IPVanish, does it require me to install anything or set anything up? I’m not the best with that kind of thing and I’m just wondering how easy it is to install and use

    • Hi Anne,

      I am glad you found what you are looking for. IPVanish has their own software to connect to their servers but Installing it (which I definitely recommend) is your choice. You can go in to your device settings and manually setup the VPN account, you will need you account id, password and server address to which you want to connect. If you use the software, you just need to click on the country specific server on a map and you are done.

  2. With more people accessing and getting online, I can see how this will become more important every day.

    Just as you mention the importance of safeguarding one’s internet usage etc. from hackers. I could see the problems with hackers increasing as they can use these same products to hide so they can go out and cause some real damage without being traced.

    Do these companies have anything in place to prevent hackers from using their services and hiding behind them?

    • Yeah you are absolutely right, hackers can use the same technology and hide their identity, but if we safeguard our privacy by using these services and products, we can be satisfied that our online data will be secured from such people. That is the reason we are promoting this service as much as we can, and request you to encourage and share with others too.



  3. Should I decide that it pays to go into a life of crime, I shall definitely decide to look one up (hehe) but is it CIA, MI5 OR KGB proof? Just kidding! great site, there is just too much going on out there so one can never be too careful. Keep up the good work

    • Hi Melanie,

      Well, if James Bond or Ethan Hunt is behind the mask then no one can defend their privacy 😉

      Glad you liked it. Thanks.


  4. While technology can be a good thing, it’s so scary what hackers can do even if you think that you’ve done everything possible to protect your privacy. The sad truth is that hackers can be really smart. The company I work for has been using VPN’s since the beginning which has protected us several times from hacker attempts so I am truly a believer in the effectiveness of VPN’s. Because of this we have started to implement VPN usage at home too! Highly recommended – thanks for sharing.

    • Hey Julie,

      I am pleased to hear that, and yeah hackers have various techniques to steal your data and they are getting creative with each passing day.

      I am happy to see the awareness on VPN is increasing. Do spread the word.



  5. Yes this is a must know for every internet marketers and anyone who connect to internet. Usually you install internet security or anti virus to your pc but in between your service provider to you pc there is where hackers find the loop holes.
    I am glad I got to your website by chance here. I have know exactly what is VPN is about.
    My questions;
    How does your system works?
    Do I have to download the software or purchase a cd?
    Is the software a monthly, yearly or one time payment?
    And lastly the mode of payment?
    Thank you.

    • Hey Nazmi,

      I am glad you know the importance of a VPN. You are absolutely correct about the hackers and their methods.

      As for your questions,

      Firstly, IPVanish has their own servers in many countries. You can connect to any of those with just a click.

      Secondly, it’s your choice if you want to connect directly via your smartphone or computer. It’s usually under VPN settings in your device. I recommend installing their software which is very quick and easy to use. It will make connecting to any server very easy. I am currently using it as I am typing. It’s available on their website. Just click get IPVanish and download it for your device.

      You can get one month service or 3 months or yearly, unfortunately I don’t think any VPN service has a lifetime membership. I recommend trying for a month and upgrading later. You also have a 7-day money back guarantee.

      Lastly, payment options are usually credit card, online banking , paypal, etc. For full payment details I recommend visiting IPVanish’s website. Click on the banner which will take you to their website.

      Have a nice day,


  6. Ok that was out right scary. I have heard of the insecurity of sending or receiving private information on the internet (specificly via email) these days but never thought the dangers went that far. This VPN seems like a very good tool to use to protect my information from you know who.
    Thanks for the information.

    • Sending and receiving email still holds the title for the most used medium through which frauds are carried out. The technology have developed greatly in the past few years, so did the methods of hackers. VPN is definitely a good way to protect yourself online.

      Cheers :-)

  7. Thank you for the eye-opening information. I need a spy cam for my house myself so I liked the theme of your site. Although I’m not understanding why I would want to view blocked websites and video content in my country or any other.
    I don’t mean to sound ignorant or naïve but I believe what is blocked should stay blocked.
    Can you possibly write a post further explaining the use of viewing blocked sites and videos? I can’t wait to see your finished product.

    • Hey, Glad you liked my website.

      To give you a brief example, why I need to access blocked content, I love Netflix, I watch a tv show I can’t live without. If I visit another country where Netflix is blocked, I can use IPVanish VPN to access Netflix. Say some one uploads a video on youtube but messed up the settings which forces the video to only play for people in some country and not all, I can use a VPN again.

      Have a nice day :-)


  8. Having your personal data hacked is very endangering, especially when you could call out my location in that box with red letters.

    I’d like to know more about this IPVanish befor considering it though, how much is it and how well does it function?

    Since you have experience with the product, I’d love to hear what you think of it.

    Thanks in advance!


    • Hey Anh,

      I can personally vouch for IPVanish. The service and the software is excellent. It encrypts the internet connection between your device and the world. So, the hacker sitting the middle cannot intercept your connection and can’t figure out the details, like you ip address, location, what are you connecting to, etc. It could also give you access to geo targeted websites by giving assigning you that country’s ip address. You could visit the website by clicking on the red button and view their pricing plans.

      Let me know if you have any more questions.

  9. This is super interesting article. I have never thought of encrypting my Internet connection but it is such a great idea. I will look more in to IPvanish. I think most people don’t realize how much information we share on the Internet without knowing about it.

    • Thanks for the comment. You are right, the information we exchange is no longer secure. It’s alarming how it can be intercepted easily and misused. Do let me know if you need any information. Cheers.

  10. Internet security has become quite a deal in recent years. And hackers have started to take advantage of those that don`t have enough security. To hear that people have hacked banks or the government just makes you wonder as to how can you protect yourself. So trying this might sound like a good idea then.

    • Thanks for checking it out. It’s definitely a great option to check out as it’s also suggested by the industry experts. There is an ongoing promo too, let me know if you plan to subscribe.

  11. Hola gracias por su consejo ,estoy buscando justo un proveedor de Vpn ,dime si hay algún tutorial en español que poder informame ya

    • Hola, yo no hablo español, pero voy a intentar mi mejor esfuerzo para darle ninguna respuesta cantar traductor Google.

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