How To Increase Home Security

In today’s World, we need to actively think about our privacy and security. As crime rates are increasing and burglaries are on a rise, protecting ourselves and our loved ones should be our top priority. We need to focus on, how important it is to increase home security. We can never know what tragedy might occur in any of our lives. We cannot possibly know what the future holds for us, and whether it may or may not bring us any misfortunes, but we can definitely put up safeguards to prevent it or at least minimize it’s effect.

increase home security

Taking care of our surroundings and increasing its safety is a growing question in the minds of many people. In fact, recently people have especially begun thinking about how to increase home security and safeguard their houses from any potential mishap. Home, is where we spend the most of our time, relaxing or sleeping without any special concerns or worries. It is a place where we should put most of our time and money, on securing. I am going to mention some useful ways to increase home security and protect your home from any threats that may counteract your well being.


Using A Home Security Camera

It is an obvious decision of many, to install a home security or surveillance camera system to monitor your home and surroundings. There is a lot of advancement in today’s technology, and we should take advantage of this. Many cameras are now wireless, which makes it very hard for the intruder to disable them by cutting the wires. A wireless IP camera can also transmit videos to your device where you can monitor your home from anywhere, and at any time.  It can also be set up to send alerts when any motion is detected and it also uses night vision to record when it is dark.


There was a recent report in the news, of a break-in where the burglars were caught by the police even before the intruder grabbed anything to steal. The homeowner was remotely monitoring his house when the burglars broke-in. He immediately called the authorities who were at his house within minutes, and nabbed him. The whole incident was uploaded on YouTube later.

Correct Use Of Lights

Proper Lighting and illumination can play a vital role in the behaviour of the perpetrator. When you install bright lights outside (without them causing any inconvenience to your neighbours, of course), especially motion activated lights, they induce fear of gettingincrease home security with light caught within the mind of the burglar and will potentially discourage him. There is also a high probability, that he’ll not carry out his plan. It will also increase your safety while you get in and out of your house during night. You can also buy wireless motion sensor lights, which use battery or solar power.

Using Plants and Shrubs

Planting shrubs and plants which have thorns and sharp leaves may prove to be very beneficial. It might sound a little weird, but many experts have suggested that this technique is useful for deterring burglars. As the burglars avoid direct entry and try to climb fences or gain entry from your backyard, these plants will act like a line of defence, prohibiting them from entering. Also, take note that overgrown bushes or plants might be used as a hiding place and for this reason, proper placement of your thorny shrubs or plants is crucial. Keep them properly trimmed so they cause the burglar a hard time, while simultaneously not giving him any advantage.

Think like a burglar. Try figuring out where and what you would use, to gain access to your house. It will give you a good idea of less secure areas of your house, and consequently you can use it to lay down a good security plan.

Be Aware and Be Alert

How rewarding will it be for a burglar, to find your door unlocked. Your early morning routines can be very busy and many people forget to lock their doors and secure their windows properly. Despite being a basic routine and highly effective to increase home security, this mistake has caused many households to be a target for burglary. According to an FBI report, 73.2% burglaries were of residential properties and an average loss of $2,251 was accounted per single house.


increase home security stop spying

You can also install a door open sensor alarm, which alerts you whenever someone opens a door. You will be alerted on your choice of device, wherever you are. Always ensure to properly secure your doors and windows before you leave the house, and never hide your extra key outside the house! Being extra cautious will definitely prevent a lot of losses.


  • Turning off lights completely
  • Leaving doors and windows unlocked
  • Hiding keys outside
  • Announcing the world of your holidays and away-from-home ventures (social media)
  • Allowing the mail and newspaper pile up outside the door


  • A small safe designated for important documents and valuables like passports, cards, etc.
  • Keep good tabs with neighbours
  • Installing a doorbell camera to know the visitors outside
  • Place small cctv stickers on your doors to instil fear in burglars


Doing a few readjustments to our lifestyle will surely increase home security and safety. I would also like to present some other articles which might prove to be useful to you, and also a few products you can purchase.

Doorbell CameraYou can add a doorbell camera to your house for added security from Amazon by accessing this link.

Motion Sensor LightsA must have, affordable solar powered, motion activated light.

You can check this article on how to install a home security camera.

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  1. Thank for helping us by giving tips regarding home safety. At some point, we are probably neglecting few of the things which has to be taken care of.
    few of the ideas which you have shared here are quite interesting and I would try that like planting thorny plants near outside fencing line.

    • Hey Sangeeta, thanks for reading, I am glad you liked the article. Do let me know after you try it and if you have any questions. Have a nice day.

  2. Hello,

    Thanks for nice, short, powerful article. Tips at the end are very useful. However most people are “attention wh*res” on social media and they will be proud of going for holidays and saying that to the whole world.
    This doorbell camera can be checked for example by laptop/tablet? I am on holidays and check if someone is calling the door?

    • Hey Simon,

      Thanks for the comment. You are absolutely right. People don’t realise how social media is being used not only as a source to track their location and status but also to steal their identity and use it against them. Cyber security is of vital importance these days.

      Yes the doorbell camera sends you live feed on your choice of device and also alerts you of visitors at your door.

  3. Hi there! your article is really helpful on how to secure one’s self and the family as well. And it is true that nowadays, our home is considered not a safe place anymore unlike before. Your tips are useful and will surely help everybody. I like the shrubs with thorns idea :)

    • Hi Kathe,

      Glad you liked the article. Do implement the ideas and increase your home safety.

      Have a nice Monday.

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