How To Open A Garage Door Using Smartphone

Ever wondered how to open a garage door using smartphone or smart watch? Learn how to open a garage door with smart watch or smartphone, like an iPhone or an android smart watch, using their app without the need of a remote control.

how to open a garage door using smartphone

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More and more home owners are adapting to smart home concept. In this new era of technology and digital world, many home owners are connecting their homes to the digital world via the internet, thus automating many day to day activities or events, like setting up and programming their home’s thermostat to regulate the home temperature from anywhere. The thermostat being smart and also connected to the internet, learns from the likes of the owner thus automating the process and eliminating the need for reprogramming. Home security can also be greatly increased by using smart home products, read my article on increasing home security. An example of how smart technology effects home security would include, showing the growing popularity of installing a smart doorbell camera, which is connected to your home’s Wi-Fi internet, and sends you real time updates on your device using pictures or video clips of people standing at your door. You can also read about the many other benefits of using a doorbell camera.

Moreover, the concept of connecting things like devices, vehicles, buildings or homes which communicates with each other through a network is called as ‘Internet Of Things‘.

Now, there are few other technologies to open a garage door, like using a traditional remote control, or using a Bluetooth enabled app, but do you know how to open a garage door using smartphone from anywhere, with real time updates and added security? The answer is below. This technology provides great benefits to the smart home concept.

Benefits of using a smart garage door opener.

  1. Being able to open or close your garage door from anywhere by just using an app.
  2. Real time updates and notifications about any activity, or on the status of your garage door.
  3. Ability to attach a camera and see what’s going on in the garage.
  4. Motion detection feature to get real time updates of any movement in the garage with video clips and pictures.
  5. Added safety and security is achieved by a door opening and closing warning, and a password protection feature on your devices to stop unauthorised access.
  6. Smart watch optimized app to open a garage door with smart watch, adding extra convenience.
  7. Connecting it to other smart home products for overall convenience and added security.

How to open a garage door using smartphone

Your garage door doesn’t need any modifications or work. There are many devices on the market with which you can open a garage door with your smartphone but the most used and highly recommended one is called ‘Chamberlain MyQ garage door opener’. You can attach this device in your garage, and it basically comes with two main components.

open a garage door using smartphone

Chamberlain My-Q

The main part is called the Wi-Fi hub which connects on the ceiling near your garage door motor and plug it into an outlet, the second one which is the door sensor is smaller in size and can be fixed directly on your garage door’s upper panel using an adhesive tape. The door sensor is equipped with an accelerometer which knows if the door is moving or if it is open or closed. The Wi-Fi hub as the name suggests connects to your home’s Wi-Fi and also sends signals to the door to open or close. Another great feature is the ability to warn users standing near the garage door to let them know when the door is about to move to close which is great, when you are closing the door from a far location using the app.


MyQ says that the garage door opener requires only 30 minutes to setup which includes the three basic steps, two of which I’ve listed earlier. The final step is to download the MyQ app for android or iPhone and connect it to your Wi-Fi hub after which you can program the garage door opener with the help of the in app guide.

How to open a garage door using smartphone

how to open garage door with smart watch or smartphone The mobile app can be used to open the garage door, or close it with just a click of a button. The app also shows the status of the door and the time elapsed since the last door access. The app can also be password protected to restrict unauthorised access. If you’ve installed a camera, you can also receive video notification and alerts.
MyQ garage door opener from Chamberlain is available from amazon’s website.
You can download the app from App Store (iOS), and Play Store (Android).
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