How Wireless Spy Gadgets Transmit Data

We all know there are numerous spy gadgets out there, but do you the basic principle behind their function ?

I want to throw some light on the basic Technology used by most of these gadgets to transmit data. Spy gadgets use wireless technology, wired technology, 3G or 4G technology, Self recording,IP address linking, satellite linking, wearable technology, etc.3G and 4G technology use the cell phone towers to receive and transmit data, whereas IP address based spy gadgets can be logged into remotely using a dedicated IP address which can be accessed from anywhere in the World, provided the gadget is connected to the internet.

Satellite linked based are the ones which are used by the government agencies as they don’t have to rely on the Internet or any other device. They collect the data and transmit it directly to a satellite which then will transmit it back to the receiver, located anywhere in the World. These wireless spy gadgets are not just limited to audio and video surveillance. They have facial recognition, voice analyser, infra-red sensors, laser based technology, other various sensors, etc. The data which is transmitted back to the receiver can be encrypted. Even if the transmission was intercepted the data will still be secured.

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How Wireless Spy Gadgets Transmit Data
The Various Technologies Used By Spy Gadgets To Transmit Data
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Wireless Spy Gadgets
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  1. Hi there, I wanted to ask you something on these spy gadgets.

    I was wanting to buy a very small spy camera but I am not sure which is the best product for price out there and where to go about getting one from.

    I can see your site is full of information so thought I would ask for your help :) Do you mind?



    • Hey,

      I appreciate you asking me. I would be happy to help you out. I am soon going to write a post on how to choose the best hidden camera. You can check that out later, but for now I would suggest buying a wireless IP spy cam which can transmit video directly to your phone anywhere, and equipped with a decent battery. Look for a high resolution camera and IR for night recording. These cameras can be bought for 50 bucks to 75 bucks but are of low quality. Anything 100 to 150 would be more genuine. Amazon, brickhousesecurity are the top sellers. Read reviews before buying. Watch out for cheap China products. Lemme know if you have any other questions.


  2. Very interesting article, I never knew how many ways there are for spy gadgets to transmit data. The way the government can track or spy on people is very advanced and… kind of scary, actually. I can never get over how advanced our world is… we already have watches, cameras, drones, and other gadgets that can collect data from anywhere in the world. Best of luck ~Ross

    • Hey Ross,

      Yeah, you are right, with the technology improving daily, the risks are too. But its very much possible to secure our privacy and security to a great extent. Check out the other articles too.



  3. Hello,

    Very interesting article I did not know the difference between IP address based spy gadgets and Satellite-linked based gadgets. I was wondering if there was a specific website you would suggest buying spy products from? I’m looking for small surveillance cameras around my car in the parking garage. I’m assuming they would IP address based gadgets.

    • Hi Sean,

      Glad you liked the article. I would suggest amazon or brick house security. I will be having my own recommended products section soon. I would definitely suggest for an IP camera, but make sure it has good IR for night recording and also read the reviews. IP based cameras can work if it has access to wireless internet. So make sure the wireless network has good strength in the parking garage.



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