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Many homeowners are investing in a complete home security and surveillance system, often opting to install a doorbell camera. It is a small part of the entire surveillance system. Although tiny, it can be considered as one of the most important unit to protect your house. There have been many incidents recently where homeowners were targeted by burglars and the whole break-in incident had been recorded in a doorbell camera facilitating the capture of the criminal.

According to an FBI report, Residential Break-Ins is the most common threat to a home and it accounts for 73.9 percent of all burglaries.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, homeowners become the victims of burglary, every 15 seconds and that results in thousands of dollars of property damage.

install a doorbell camera

Now, in most cases that involve a break-in, wherein the whole incident is captured in a surveillance system, identifying the burglar proves to be a tough job, as their face isn’t clearly visible. However, when you install a doorbell camera, the video being recorded primarily focuses on the face of the people in front of it and also records their voice! This detail can prove to be very beneficial while trying to nab the burglar as their face and voice can be run against the criminal data base instantly.

install a doorbell camera

Install A Doorbell Camera – What Are The Benefits

According to a study, a home with a security camera system installed is less likely to be targeted by burglars. The surveillance cameras installed on a home, will prove to be a strong psychological deterrent to the intruder as it will demotivate his actions and induces fear of getting caught. Convicted burglars have said that they always avoided homes with security cameras. Installing lights which turn on on motion sensing is another option to prevent the intrusion.

Installing a doorbell camera is much easier today as we have many options to choose from, which offer numerous capabilities, including wireless setup, cloud storage, two way conversation with the visitor, motion sensing, night vision, and many other great features. A doorbell camera sits outside the front door connecting wirelessly to the home network and optionally connects to your wired home doorbell, which rings along with the doorbell camera. Many units have a built-in rechargeable battery unit which keeps the device powered up or you can use the existing doorbell wiring. The motion sensing option, if supported will turn on the camera whenever someone walks-by and stores the video either in a cloud storage or stream it to your smartphone. You will have a record of anyone who visits and subsequently keep your house safe.

I am suggesting a few buying options, if you decide to install a doorbell camera in the future. Also, I would highly recommend installing a motion sensor light, for added benefit and security.
After a little research, I found out that Ring’s ‘Wi-Fi enabled doorbell camera’ is the best selling front door bell camera on the market. I am gonna be doing a full review on it later, but considering the reviews it’s got, and its list of features, it definitely looks like a successful product with loads of benefits and good service.


Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell

Ring camera - install a doorbell camera

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install a doorbell camera - motion sensor light

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To conclude, I insist on the importance of installing a surveillance system in your house, and adding a doorbell camera to it. Security systems have proven to be a deterrent to break-ins in the past and will continue to do so. Investing in a security system is a wise decision, and will save you a lot of trouble and money. Motion sensor light is also worth looking at.

So go ahead, and plan for a secure future of your house and loved ones.

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Click Here to check out a latest video, where a homeowner scares off burglars by accessing his security camera remotely.

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  1. I found great value in this article. Thank you so much for providing this information. I live in an apartment, so typically doorbells are not installed. I had no such things that a Wi-Fi enabled doorbell existed. It’s always a great thing to feel safe and secure in your home, and to know that your loved ones are protected. Thanks for sharing your research!

    • I am glad you liked the article. Thanks for the comment.

      Apartments have their own security usually, but you can add a security camera inside for adder security.

  2. Thanks for the great info about wifi enabled doorbell came, I didn’t know such a thing exists. Years ago my house was burgled and it turned out that the houses either side of my house had a security camera, and I didn’t. So it clearly made sense my house was an easy target for the burglar.

    I’d love to know about how the wifi doorbell works, does it mean it only works when the wifi is on? If the internet connection is down, will it stop working? I look forward to your updates, thanks again for the great information!

    • Hey Ray,

      Thanks for checking out. Indeed, a security system is a huge added benefit. The Wi-Fi doorbell camera works on wi-fi, it uploads the recorded video in a cloud storage where you can access previously recorded videos. It also streams your live video feed to your device wherever you are and also sends you real time updates. So, yeah it does require wireless internet connection and it stops sending or uploading video footage as soon as the connection is lost. Lemme know if you have any other questions.

  3. That’s a great idea having a doorbell camera, especially if you can see the person from your smartphone. No more second guessing when your doorbell rings. People will think your there when you may not be. Any way to keep the burglars away is a definite plus! Thanks for the great article!

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