Most Unique Wireless Spy Gadgets

There are tons of spy gadgets and spy technology manufactured and used all over the world. They are used by the government agencies, organisations, private investigators, common people, etc. Wireless spy technology has been around for a few decades now, with the cost of manufacturing going down and the advent of new technologies, we are now able to get our hands on some of the most covert and amazing spy gadgets. Check out the most unique wireless spy gadgets below.


Unique Wireless Spy Gadgets – List

Robotic Spy Roaches


Imagine insects crawling in your home, making most of us shudder. Well, these insects can now save your life. Scientists have developed ways to maneuver these insects by attaching spy devices with transmitters  and receivers. They have also attached various sensorsbiobots.jpg and can be controlled remotely. These Spy Roaches or “biobots”, can reach hard to access areas like earthquake struck places and save countless survivors. They can be used for many spy and surveillance operations.

Though not available for common people, they sure make one of the most unique ways for surveillance.


Face-Scanning Sunglasses


Have you seen huge security personnel wearing black sunglasses ? Well, there arbatons-security-services-14e wearable spy gadgets which have the capability to capture live video and audio but there are some special gadgets which are used by the government agents to scan the faces in crowd and identify them.

100’s or even 1000’s of faces are scanned in minutes.




Spy Birds


Well they are not exactly birds. How about a spy bat attached with high-definition cameras ? There are spy bats which can do this. Almost like a drone right ?

Well, No. These birds or “bats” are spy-batmuch more stealthy. They make no noise like a drone & some are very stealthy which makes them very hard to spot in the sky. The need wind to sustain the flight.  They can glide and maintain altitude for as long as the conditions are favourable.




Spy Flies


Many have spotted these so-called mechanical dragonflies or spy flies.spy flies Though none were captured, but people who witnessed them say that these flies were a little big in their size and definitely looked mechanical. They were spotted hovering in Washington and New York at political events. No government agency acknowledged the deployment of these spy flies. Apart from being a wireless spy camera monitor who knows what other purpose they serve.



Wireless Camera Disguised as a Screw


Where inside a home would you not find a screw ? Well, almost everywhere. Who could have imagined there is a camera in one of those screws.screw cam Spooky isn’t it?Well these screws exists and are surprisingly cheap. They record live video and transmit to a nearby receiver. They require just a single 9V battery to operate. Another similar product which is a more popular choice is the smoke detector wireless spy camera. Next time you check in a motel, make sure you carefully inspect all the screws inside the room. 😀 !!



I hope you enjoyed the most unique wireless spy gadgets out there. You can also check out the screw camera (above) which is offered by amazon.

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  1. Very interesting article. I love the government using these to make a safer world. I am concerned though about the screw spy gadgets. They can be anywhere like you said even in a hotel and the maintenance guy could be using them. Gone are the days of scratching and picking even in perceived private lol. How much does the fire alarm ones cost?

    • Thanks Tammy,

      The technology sure is upgrading rapidly but the laws to protect our privacy isn’t. There are many models out there for spy cams ranging from $100 to $250. These are of high quality. We can get low quality ones for much less.

  2. The spy flies and the screw are a bit, Wow. The days of being able to see these cameras are gone, lol. I do understand that we have to be safe and why some of these cameras are needed. Is the screw an actual lens? Next time when I go into a hotel room, I will be examining that smoke detector, lol. Thanks for the info!

    • You are welcome Evelyn. Yeah, the lense fits Inside the fake screw. Who could have thought it will be soo easy to invade privacy.

  3. You have provided very interesting information…who knew about the spy flies and the screw. The days of being able to see these cameras are gone. I do understand that we have to be safe and why some of these cameras are needed. I will be sure to that the next time I go into a hotel room, I will be examining that smoke detector. Your website is well organized and attractive.

    • Thank you Miles, I am pleased you liked it. Do check out the other articles.



  4. Hi there,

    Awesome site. the spy sunglasses can actually benefit people who suffer from a rare medical condition where they can not recognise faces simply the glasses scan for faces, and log on to a database and audio device tells or reminds the wearer or sufferer of the persons name.

    The would need to make them like ordinary glasses though, just to look better.

    • Hi Derek,

      Glad you liked it. Yeah you right, there are many who can benefit from this technology. A local database containing friends and family can definitely be setup for them. Hopefully we might see this technology coming to mainstream in the near future. With the next release of Google glasses I can see the possibility.



  5. Hi Darkblood!
    This is really cool. I didn´t know that the government used all these types of electronics and technologies. If I were to buy one of these things, where can I do? It would be awesome with a quick respons. You see, I´ve always been interested in “james bond stuff” if you know what i mean.

    Anyways, keep up the good work


    • Hey Sondre,

      Many of these cool gadgets are unfortunately not available to us, but yeah you can buy things like the screw camera or a button camera which attaches to your shirt. You can visit the link I’ve mentioned which will take you to amazon store where you can get them. I will soon add different spy products which you can buy from many stores worldwide. Do visit and check them. Lemme know if you need any other information.

      Cheers :-)

  6. Interesting information. I didn’t realize there were cameras of this nature until there was a camera disguised as a coat hook found in a local gym in the women’s locker room. It was accidentally found. Your website opened my eyes even a little more to the technology that is available and even becoming necessary in this day and age.
    By the way, nice job on the website. Easy to navigate and packed with info. Thank you.


    • Hey John,

      Thanks for the comment. The hidden camera you mentioned is fraudulently being used frequently. I have written a post on such devices HERE. Check that out.

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