Learn how to find a hidden camera with the 4 important steps below.

how to find a hidden camera - spying eyes


We help people find products to secure their privacy and security. There are many products which can be used to accomplish this, but these products can also be used to invade privacy of others by people with ill intent. The questions now arises on how to safeguard against these ill intentions. There are many people who ask, how to find a hidden camera? I will list a few methods and tips to answer this question and safeguard against them.



We should start by performing a physical search of the entire room.  See if you can find a hidden camera tucked somewhere. Most of the cameras are hidden in places like a flower vase, behind a shelf, frames on wall, behind books, etc. Try finding them in these places and other suspicious objects which seems to be out-of-place. Sometimes, exposed wires can lead you directly to the hidden spy gadgets, look out for such wires. 



Well yes. We can use darkness to find the cameras. How ? Well, these hidden cameras have a power on, or a recording light which might blink when recording, so after performing the physical search, turn the lights off and look out for these lights. However, this feature can be turned off in some of the latest cameras so let’s use another technique.

We will follow a popular technique which is very simple and easy. We require a flash light and something like a toilet paper roll and a red plastic wrap. Cut the roll into half and cover one end of it with the red plastic wrap. Then join both ends of the roll with a tape so that the red plastic is in the middle of the roll. We can now use this roll to find the cameras. Turn off the room lights and turn on the flash light. Now, look through the roll in the entire room using the flash light. Try finding glimmering lights which reflect backfind a hidden camera - flash light at you.

The whole concept behind this method is that, hidden cameras have a CCD or a sensor, this CCD reflects light back at you when you flash light on it. The red plastic and the roll focuses your vision and makes it easier to find the cameras.



how to find a hidden camera with cellphone

Most of the hidden spy gadgets now a days transmit video and audio wirelessly therefore creating an electromagnetic field.


We can use this to our advantage and detect the spy gadget. Use a cell phone to place a place a call and see if there are any disturbances in the call. Electromagnetic fields cause this disruption in signal.


We can also use apps from the app store or play store which claims to detect spy cameras. They use the phone’s camera and flash light and some complex algorithms to figure out the camera’s locations. This is not a perfect solutions as many objects are mistaken as cameras. 





How to find a hidden camera when the above methods are unsuccessful and you still suspect of a hidden camera or device. You can always buy a bug detector or RF signal finders. In the late 80’s these signal detectors were used by professionals but today we can buy them from most electrical or online shops and they are extremely affordable. RF (radio frequency)how to find a hidden camera - bug detector and bug detectors have built-in sensors and circuitry which picks up signals from these transmitting devices.

However, there are spy gadgets which use numerous frequencies in fast successions therefore making RF bug detectors useless. In order to find these we need to use a spectrum analyser, which maps different spectrum used by the spy devices and finds them.

The spectrum analyser however isn’t cheap and some models require you to sign an agreement before you can purchase them. They are primarily used by government agencies and the police department.

But most of these hidden devices which are used to spy, have obsolete technology, which will be fairly easy to catch by the bug detector shown above.


I am sure that by reading these most common and effective methods, you got a good idea on how to find a hidden camera. Let others know of these safeguards, please share.


  1. Finding hidden cameras is not something I have ever thought about but I could certainly how difficult that would be. Some of the things you mentioned make a lot of sense, but I would think using a bug detector would be the quickest.

    It’s good to know that there are now apps for cell phones that may be of use seeings just about everyone has a cell phone these days and next to nobody would have a bug detector.

    Very interesting.

    • Thanks Travis,

      I am glad you liked the post. Yeah, bug detector makes a lot of sense, they are small, cheap, and quick.

      The apps are good too but they wont find a microphone, and also a spy camera if it sits behind an object, say like a mirror. But, yeah its definitely worth trying.



  2. Hi there my friend,

    Great site and brillinat and very appropriate URL,

    Cameras thes days are every where, what ever happened to that little thing called privacy?

    I love the ingenius idea of the toilet roll and some tape, totally awesome.

    great blog please do keep up teh hard work and greats posts flowing.

    • Thanks Derek,

      The purpose here is to help people defend their privacy and security, but as you mentioned , cameras are everywhere, and some people misuse the technology. So, we will try our best to help keeping these prying eyes as away as possible. Glad you liked the post.



  3. This is great! I have always wondered when I enter into a room or business if there is some sort of tiny camera that is hidden out of sight, and has the “nerve” to spy on me!
    Really? I know it is for security reasons but does this affect my right of privacy in anyway?
    Also you information on how to find a camera is wonderful, it just reminded of me of going back 40 years to when kids actually took items and made their own neat gadgets with them. I never realized you could also have an idea if there is a camera by means of your phone.
    Thanks for this information I will come back and visit again.

    • Hey Angela,

      Nice to know that you liked my article. People are misusing the technology developed to help and secure us. It’s on us to know how to detect such activities and stop it. Yeah, there is an app you could download which might help find the hidden cameras. Do visit again.



  4. Its a shame that our privacy can be invaded so easily.This is also a case of modern technology creating new jobs.Recently our business place was outfitted with new cameras etc, but i became aware of a possible breach in privacy from the security firm, the fact that a worker can stay and watch your legitimate and private activity from his home is a problem particularly if the installation is in your private home. Is there a procedure to prevent this flaw in the system.The worker made a comment that he can monitor of make certain checks from his home or office.

    • Hi Courtney,

      As you said the breach is surely possible and specially by people who have access to your camera system. There is definitely a way to prevent this. In order to get into the system, you need to log into it. The worker should know the credentials to monitor and change the settings and also view the video. I suggest you contact them and change the password. Some models have different user accounts with different access levels. You can have an administrator account which has all access and give the security firm access to some other account and revoke their video recording and video monitoring access. But it all depends on the model of your security camera. I suggest you get on to it asap. Let me know if you need anything else.



  5. Hello

    I just finish to read your post and I found it interesting
    I have to be honest ,I never thought in searching a hidden camera in my house ,but knowing now that if i need to do it i can just download an up and o it with my cell phone is great and above else i would avoid spending money buying a bug detector


    • Hey Ruben,

      Thanks for the comment. The app is pretty good for the job, but not a professional choice.

      Take Care.

  6. Really like the free methods of finding a hidden camera. Sometimes when I check into a hotel or something I will go around the room looking for hidden cameras.

    I don’t know why there would be one but I sure as hell will look for one anyways.

    Is there not any apps out there today that can act as a bug detector? Maybe find anomalies in the wireless magnetic field. RF receiver and so on.

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