Learn how to install a hidden camera with these 5 steps

how to install a hidden camera

There are many people who buy hidden cameras to monitor their home. Installation of such cameras have to be perfect, as improper placement and settings can prove to be futile.

The question “how to install a hidden camera” is asked by many people. There are quite a few things to be considered before we install hidden cameras. I will list down some of the most important points to remember before installing hidden cameras.




The most important factor is the light inside a room. Choosing a room or area where there is sufficient light is very important. If we don’t get this right then the recordings will be blurred and foggy. If the recordings are during the day only then make sure you have some secondary light source if the natural light is insufficient. If the priority is for night with no light source turned on then the only option we have is to install infrared or IR cameras, IR is invisible to the naked eye but can illuminate dark rooms.




The next important factor is the spot selection where the camera is going to be installed. There is no point in placing a camera in a spot where there is less coverage of the entire room. Choose a place from where much of the room can be covered.

We can get an understanding of how the video output will look like if we record a short video by placing a mobile phone in the exact same spot where the camera will be. Do this with a few spots, and you can find the best spot. However, there are a few more things to be considered before we can confirm the spot.




Placing the camera close to its power supply is important. It will be suspicious to see a long wire running along the wall, which can be easily traced back to the camera. The connection of the camera to a network like an Ethernet to transmit the recordings is mostly near a power source too, so to make things discreet we need these connections to be as short as possible.

Therefore for any hidden cameras, it’s highly recommended to buy cameras which are battery operated and also those with wireless capabilities.



People easily forget that spy cameras are very delicate piece of gadgets which needs proper care and maintenance, as misuse can lead to malfunction of the gadget. We should make sure to install these wireless spy gadgets away from areas which are frequently accessed which can disturb the connections and also areas with exposure to heat, moisture, etc.




Lastly, make sure that the whole hidden purpose is hidden. Inspect the area and see if the eye is drawn to the setup. Call in some friends or family members (obviously not your maid 😉 )and tell them to look around and see if they spot the camera. You can definitely camouflage the area around the setup by placing some decor, but make sure you don’t obstruct the camera’s view. I hope you found your answer on how to install a hidden camera in the most concealed way possible.

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  1. I been looking around your site and really liked this article too. Using a phone to see how the camera may do is a great idea. Also, knowing that a darker room may not show a good picture is an important thing to know. How do you maintain a spy camera?

    • Thanks again Tammy, much more stuff is going to be added soon. Unfortunately, spy cams or hidden cameras are not weather protected like the bigger models, they are susceptible to damage from many factors, maintenance includes cleaning, dusting, checking connections, etc.

  2. I have been thinking of installing cameras, but never get around to it. I think the expense is part of the reason why. I need to decide what I want, and then wait for a good sell on it.
    As a photographer I agree light is a big big deal, glad you mentioned that, and using your camera phone was a great idea for checking light.

    • Thanks Vic,
      I am planning to write an article on some of the best affordable camera setups.
      I will include some reviews and the pricing too. Stay tuned.

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