IF you are looking on how to install a home security camera, you have come to the right place. We at wireless spy gadgets will help you in the installation of home security camera systems. If you haven’t got yourself a home security camera kit, I would strongly suggest you to go through our article on choosing the best home security camera. I will also provide a link down below.

Due to thousand’s of different models of security camera kits from different manufactures around the world, the steps below will be slightly different, but the basics behind installation of home security camera systems will be the same. I know you wouldn’t have come to our site if you were interested in reading the plain, boring, installation guide from the manufacturer, but I would suggest going through the booklet to make yourself familiar with your camera system’s parts guide, important notes, warranty notes and whatever you feel is important. Now, lets begin answering how to install a home security camera starting with the basics.




The first thing we need to do is to select the spots for placing or fixing the to install a home security camera - spot selection If your home security camera system came with 4 cameras then we need to choose 4 spots which cover most of the area of your house.

Likewise, if the kit has more than 4 cameras then select those many spots. We need to select areas which has sufficient light coverage. If the area is not bright enough then the performance of the video output will be affected. 

Most of the cameras these days have built-in infrared light to record in the dark but remember that night-time recordings won’t be as detailed as daylight ones. 


*IMPORTANT After selection of the spots, take all of the equipment out from the packaging and familiarize yourself with them. Make sure you read the equipment list in the manual you received from the manufacture.



Now, we need to fix the cameras in their designated places. Depending on the type of home security cameras you bought, which are either wired or wireless, wired cameras are the most troublesome , but don’t worry, you can see yourself on a screen in no time 🙂  

If your cameras need a screw fixing you might be needing a drill and a screwdriver. Screws will be provided by most of the manufacturers. Make sure you wear all the protection gear and drill the number of holes as required for each camera in each spot. If while performing any of the installation steps you feel that it’s unsafe and are not comfortable with it, then I would suggest you hire a professional who would install and setup the cameras.



how to install a home security camera - bnc cables

Let’s connect these cameras to the wiring. Wiring can be within walls or on the outside. I won’t be able to help you with the wiring from inside of the walls as this bears a risk to both the house and the person. Different countries have different laws on wiring installations and I suggest you make yourself aware of such laws. 

Hiding the exposed wires is a pretty easy job. You can find plastic cases to hide the wiring and then paint the matching colour on it. Home improvement shops have these casings. As for the outside wiring, most of the manufacturers will provide the wires, if that’s not the case then we need to buy the wires from an outside source.

The wires which connect to most of the cameras are called BNC cables. The end of the cables might separate into two. One carries the video and the other powers up the cameras. They will connect to your DVR and transmit the video to it, and they also act as a power supply to your cameras. Wireless cameras however need only a power source to be connected to them, as they transmit the video wirelessly to the DVR or directly to your screen in case of IP cameras. Again, please go through our camera buying guide in case you are looking for a new home security camera kit, as it will definitely improve your buying choice. After you have connected the cameras and the appropriate wiring, we need to connect them to the DVR.


All wired cameras comes with a DVR (digital video recorder). The DVR is a box much like a Blu-ray player which decodes the video received from the cameras and display it throughhow to install a home security camera - dvr a screen. Before we fix the wiring, we need to select a spot to place this DVR. Viewing, the video from the DVR can be local or remotely.

Local viewing is the video being  watched at the same place where the home security camera kit is installed, just by connecting the DVR to a Tv, or a monitor. If this is the case then select a spot which is close to a Tv or a monitor. We can connect the DVR using an HDMI cable or a video cable which is the yellow and red cable you might have seen many times, other cables include the VGA cable and RCA cables, which depends on the make and model of your camera kit. 

Remote viewing is done by connecting the DVR to the internet and accessing the DVR from anywhere in the world. I will elaborate more on remote viewing in a different article under “HOW TO“. Depending on the connection you prefer, make sure you secure the DVR and the wires. Now, fix the BNC cables to the DVR. Plug in the power cable and turn on the DVR. Refer to the installation guide from the kit if confused about the ports behind the DVR. You will find a picture which clearly illustrates the ports used by the DVR.



Connect the DVR to a monitor or a Tv using the cables provided and turn it on. You will see the DVR performing some tests due to the initial boot up process. After the initial testing, you can see the video transmitting from the cameras. 

You will also get a mouse which can be connected to a usb port behind the DVR, it is used to control the DVR interface. We will use the mouse and go into the settings of the DVR to add a password to protect the DVR from unauthorised access. I would highly recommend doing this. You can find the settings icon on the homepage of the DVR. Inside settings, you can find an icon called users or accounts, click on it and select add a user, choose a username and add a password. This will be required to log in to the DVR later. Make sure to take a note of the user id and password somewhere safe, as this will be needed later.

You are now ready with your camera setup for local viewing.


I hope you found my article on how to install a home security camera useful. Please go through my other “HOW TO” articles. Let me know if you have any other ‘how to’ ideas or questions, in the comment section below.


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  1. I like the way that you explain how to install the security cameras from beginning to end. Your explanation of what your site is about is very thorough. The layout is also very good. I wish you all the luck with your website. I like the pictures that go along with the text written. Great site!

    • Thanks Nancy,

      I am glad you liked my website. Please share if possible.


  2. This article was very well detailed on how to install the home security camera. I would start trying to install and a wire would probably get criss-crossed somewhere and I would need a pro anyway. That’s the way my luck just seems to go. Security cameraas are starting to sound like a great idea in today’s world as opposed to just a few years ago when things were more secure. nice article

    • Thanks Jason,

      I totally agree on the fact that in today’s world we need to secure ourselves. Fortunately, we have access to numerous spy and surveillance gadgets. I will be doing reviews on such gadgets soon. Send me an email if you need any information.


  3. Hello there!

    This is a very good guide on installing home security cameras. However, I don’t live in a big house and thus, I don’t really see the need to have cameras around. It could be that I am just complacent, since my neighborhood is pretty safe.

    In your guide, you said to look for places where it is brightly lit. However, if I were to choose a place to put cameras, I would want it to point towards more secluded areas of my residence, which are most probably dark as well. What do you think of this?

    Thanks a lot!

    • Hey,

      That’s really nice to have a great neighborhood and a safe community. However, there are many neighborhoods which are unsafe and people living there need to protect themselves. Security cameras can be used to accomplish this. As for the question, it depends on where you have installed the camera, day or night time recording or both and also the camera’s night vision technology. Instead of pointing the camera in that direction I suggest Installing the camera there and point it towards the other direction. The night vision will handel the darkness around it and the other area is covered pretty well too assuming it’s well lit. I can give a specific answer if I have some more details. let me know if you need more information.

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