Wireless Mouse Hacking

What do you think of wireless mouse hacking? Sounds absurd right? Recently, there has been a new hack going around in the hacking world, through which hackers can get control of your computer with a wireless mouse! There are many ways through which a hacker get inside your computer, laptop, smartphone, etc.

wireless mouse hacking - my mouse

Hackers are constantly developing new ways to attack your electronic devices which are constantly spreading and affecting thousands of devices, worldwide. Imagine, how many users connect their computer with a wireless mouse and a transceiver to one of the USB ports. This seemingly harmless device which has brought convenience to many, is now vulnerable to wireless hacking.

So how exactly are these hackers using this so called “wireless mouse hacking”? They assemble a small wireless dongle device, using an antenna and a chip, with wireless capabilities,  much like a mouse, and program it with a few lines of code. This tool or device can be made in less than an hour and costs less than 20 bucks! These devices also has a good range depending on the antenna used.  The wireless mouse we use, communicates with a computer without any encryption. This flaw is used by many hackers to get inside our computer and cause data theft.


wireless mouse hacking - mouse with transceiver


When the hacker sends the data for the first time from the wireless dongle device he created, it disguises itself as a mouse and the computer connects to it. After getting connected, the device then tells the computer that it is actually a wireless keyboard and sends data to type into it. In this way, the device can now control the actions of your mouse and keyboard, and gives control of your computer to the hacker. It’s like someone has stolen your remote car keys which he can use to unlock the car, turn it on and drive away, without you noticing.



Wireless Mouse Hacking

So, how can you protect and secure yourself against this wireless mouse hack? If the manufacturer of the mouse releases an update of firmware to implement encryption between the mouse and the computer, it could be helpful, but how many times have you seen a software or a driver update your wireless mouse or keyboard? Personally, I have never seen it, ever. So, the next best way to protect ourselves is to use a Bluetooth mouse which connects just like a wireless mouse but by using Bluetooth technology! It doesn’t require any transceiver, but your computer or laptop should have Bluetooth enabled. That’s it! You can also buy a combo dongle which consists a Bluetooth keyboard as well as a Bluetooth mouse. Presently, almost every gadget has Bluetooth technology, which has a decent range of 10 meters. A Bluetooth mouse from a reputed brand will cost you approx. 20 to 30 bucks. There are many brands to choose from and personally, I prefer Microsoft. They make best quality wireless keyboards and mouse.

You can buy this best seller Bluetooth mouse from Amazon right HERE 


microsoft mouse


Now that you know of wireless mouse hacking, go ahead and secure your data and do share, to spread the word.

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  1. Seriously?!! That is crazy! I just bought a wireless mouse because I was getting tired of getting caught in the wire of my other mouse. How do you not see them take control of your computer when you are on it? I spend a lot of time on my computer and if they take control of my computer I would think I would be able to see that. Is there not any hacker software to prevent this from happening?

    • There are many ways a hacker can take control of your computer but here he got a way to establish an unauthorised connection. I can’t really say how he will exploit this connection and what method he will use to proceed with the hack after this but he definitely has a way to work in the background. Using a software can be expensive, it will usually result in recurring payments but you can invest in a decent hardware for under 30 bucks.

  2. Wow! I learn something new everyday. Who would of known hackers are now using mouses to hack computers & other devices. That’s crazy and I’m very happy I came across this post because now I’m more aware and on the look out. Thank you.

    • Hey Chris, Glad you found my post informative.
      Do share and let others know of these attacks.
      Cheers :-)

  3. Wow! That’s crazy. So the hacker would have to replace the ordinary mouse with the “hack device” he created? I can imagine that could be a problem in workplaces, but I think I would feel pretty safe with my home computer. Though I suppose that hackers may be selling their devices as an ordinary mouse….

    • They don’t need to replace it. They can implement the hack even if they are not close. Yeah, workplace and areas like cafeteria are more vulnerable. They might not sell it but yeah that’s a good point, I’ve recently learned about spy gadgets installed anonymously in mouse and keyboards. That’s why it’s very important to buy from reputed brands.

  4. Wow that is crazy! I don’t know what will happen next. It seems like hackers are constantly finding new ways to hack people. I will go ahead and purchase a bluetooth mouse the next chance I get. Hopefully they don’t find a way to hack them. Do you think that can actually happen? Thanks for the information.

    • Hey Jonathan, glad you liked my post.

      With hackers anything is possible. They are the ones who help develop anti virus software and they are the ones who can crack it. With regards to the safety of a Bluetooth mouse, they require authentication and also support encryption, so they are generally safe. Even if someday hackers manage to hack it, a simple software update will be enough to stop the hack.

      Take Care.

  5. Well this is just great. I get a wireless mouse for the first time in the history of my laptop ownership and now I see how vulnerable it is. Great. This is some really good information to consider and possibly think about trading in my brand new wireless mouse for one with a blue tooth connection. Do you think there will ever be a hack on the blue tooth technology though? I wish I had read this a few months ago.

    • Hi Jessica,

      The mouse I used until now were the ones which connected my USB ports. It’s never too late. Bluetooth mouse are not hackable, at least not now. There are many great and affordable models you can choose from. So, go ahead and get one for yourself.

      Have a nice day. Cheers.

  6. I’d never even thought about this before until my friend mentioned it the other day.

    I often work in cafes – and even though when I’m at the cafe I am using the scroll pad and not my wireless mouse the USB for the mouse is usually still plugged in!

    Will definitely look into getting a bluetooth mouse now. Would also be nice not to have to have the USB receiver.

    Before I get one I’ll first make sure to remove the receiver when I’m in public!

    • Hi Nathan,

      Bluetooth mouse doesn’t require any USB to attach. It’s built in module will connect to your mouse after secure authentication. No more precaution in public at least with your mouse 😉 So, go ahead and get one when you are ready.

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