Xiaomi Yi 4K Action Camera 2 VS GoPro Hero

More players are entering into market after the massive and still growing popularity of video action cameras. Xiaomi Yi 4K Action Camera 2 is one such video camera from Xiaomi which is all set to release, next month in June and is currently on pre-order. This video camera is the second model from its action camera series and is designed, keeping in mind of it’s closest rival, the GoPro Hero 4. Continue reading as the battle to the top, wages between Yi 4K Action Camera 2 vs GoPro Hero 4.

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Xiaomi Yi 4K Action Camera 2 VS GoPro Hero 4

We will be comparing both the video cameras in the following criteria



Xiaomi Yi 4K Action Camera 2 : Performance

Which camera performs better depends on the Processor (CPU) and Sensor.

Yi Action Camera 2: Ambarella A9SE75 | Sony IMX377 12 MP 1/2.3″
GoPro Hero 4: Ambarella A9SE75 | Sony IMX177 12 MP 1/2.3″


Both cameras have the same processor but Xiaomi claims that its processor consumes less power than hero 4 and the temperature of the camera is also consistently lower than its rival. Both cameras also shares the same lens. They have, 155 degrees wide angled 7 layered glass lens.

However the image sensor is slightly advance in Xiaomi’s camera. The result of this is not staggering, however it will yield a slightly better image quality as the image sensor directly impacts the overall image quality, and low light performance. Both sensors have a maximum of 12 Mega pixels with which, still photos can be captured in burst mode of upto 30 seconds, this means that you are able to capture 30 pictures in one second.

Xiaomi Yi 4K Action Camera 2 : Display & Video


Yi Action Camera 2: Built-in Touch Screen | 4K /30 Fps
GoPro Hero 4: Built-in Touch Screen (Silver)/ Removable (Black) | 4K /30 Fps


Yi action camera 2 has a built-in 2.19 inch wide touch screen display. The display resolution is 640 by 360 pixels with 330 pixels per inch density. The camera records video in 4K resolution with 30 FPS (Frames Per Second) and 720p video at 240 FPS. It can also shoot still pictures of upto 12 Mega pixels and pictures with a burst mode of 30 photos per second.


GoPro hero 4 silver is a cheaper model which has a built-in touch screen. The touch screen tends to drain a lot of battery, if used while recording a video and greatly reduces the recording time. Hero 4 silver records in 4K resolution but with a maximum of 15 Fps. It’s suitable for people who are not looking for intense video performance and who doesn’t require the need to record very long videos. Hero 4 black has an optional removable touch display, which makes the camera bulky, but the camera records in 4K with 30 fps and performs similar to Yi 4K action camera 2.

Xiaomi Yi 4K Action Camera 2 : Battery


Yi Action Camera 2: 3.85V | 1400mAh
GoPro Hero 4: 3.8V | 1160mAh

A rechargeable lithium-ion battery is installed in both the cameras. Xiaomi Yi action camera 2 has a 3.85 volts, 1400 mAh battery when compared with GoPro hero’s 3.8 volts 1160 mAh battery. It’s a mere 240 mAh difference but you can find a significant difference in the recording time. Both cameras are measured when recording video at 4K/30 Fps with Wi-Fi on.


Xiaomi yi 4k action camera 2 battery

Xiaomi yi action camera 2 records a total of 120 minutes with a standby time of 8 hours and GoPro hero 4 records a maximum of just 55 minutes. The recording time of hero 4 is less than half, compared with yi action camera 2. Battery performance will be a deciding factor for many, especially for people who use the camera for outdoor adventures and activities where frequent charging is not possible. Getting an extra battery pack is also a good idea.

Xiaomi Yi 4K Action Camera 2 : Extra Features

Xiaomi Yi 4K Action Camera 2 has the following advance features which is not available in GoPro Hero 4

    • Lens Distortion Correction (LDC) : Its a built-in feature in Yi action camera 2 which corrects the distorted image. Distortion is a problem associated with wide angled lens.


xiaomi yi 4k action camera 2 LDC


    • Dual Microphone: It records the audio in stereo at 48KHz. Xiaomi also claims to have an advance noise cancellation feature installed.

    • Dual Band Wi-Fi : The camera has both 2.4GHz / 5GHz connectivity. 5GHz will work with most of the newer home routers, which helps in strong and stable connection.

  • Electronic Image Stabilization : 3-Axis accelerometer and 3-Axis gyroscope will result in stabilised image even under bumpy conditions which is evident from the video below.

Xiaomi Yi 4K Action Camera 2 : Video Comparison

Watch this short video which compares the electronic image stabilization feature of Yi action camera 2 with Hero 4, and also the recording time. Watch in high definition to see the difference more clearly.


Xiaomi Yi 4K Action Camera 2 : Price & Conclusion

Now, the big question which is on the mind of most of you is about the cost of these cameras. Xiaomi Yi 4K Action camera 2 is listed for $249.99 and GoPro Hero 4 is listed for $449.99
Yi action camera 2 which is on preorder can be bought from Gearbest’s Website and GoPro hero 4 can be bought from Amazon’s Website.

GoPro is a reputed and well established brand, which has thousands of users worldwide. However the sales have declined over the past year because of its non professional business strategies like its recent increase of one of its product price and delayed product launches of its drone and Hero 5 action camera. Another significant reason of its declining sales is that, there was no serious competition to its action camera line up until now. Many competitors are entering the market, with more advance features and competitive pricing. Xiaomi has taken this advantage and launched its product with new features and serious pricing.

To conclude I would say that the new Yi 4K action camera 2 is for anyone, looking to buy a powerful 4K camera with great features and accessibility. The camera costs half the price of its rivals and is a great investment considering all the features and a big battery.

xiaomi yi 4k action camera 2


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GoPro Hero 4 black


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  1. Such a great review. I liked the thorough comparison between the gopro and the xiaomi. I was looking for a camera to start making quality videos for my own website and although these two cameras seems to be great – they are for action cameras. Do you have more of a “standing” camera to offer me?
    Thank you so much!

    • Hi, thanks for the comment. Glad you liked the comparison review. These cameras apart from being action cameras are also good for occasional recordings or vlogs. However if you are looking for something different like the ones used by professional website streamers, the popular choice is usually a DSLR camera. Those will cost you around $500 to $1000. Otherwise an action camera like the GoPro Hero Session would do just fine and costs under $200.

  2. Awesome reviews on tech stuff, very comprehensive and in depth.
    You cover all the areas I could think of and answered all my questions. You have interesting range of product reviews.
    Can you tell me, will you be doing more comparisons like you did on the Xiaomi vs GoPro? I would like to see more on cameras and phone if possible. Especially the Chinese phones.

    • Hey,

      I am glad you liked the review. I will definitely be doing more reviews and adding more products. I haven’t thought about phones but if the audience would like see them, I would be happy to add those.

      Have a nice day :-)

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